How to write an essay in one day

The task of writing an essay for many students is difficult and incomprehensible. Fortunately, there are many articles and explanations of how to write an essay in one day.

First of all, show the importance of the problem. You should try to show why it is so important to solve the problem you are facing. One way to do this is to show what we would lack if we did not do it. Suppose, for example, what is interesting is whether there is a place for formal logic in philosophy.

Why do we have to deal with this? If you decide to tackle this problem, it’s because you consider it important; in this case, his answer should show, for example, that if we were not engaged in the form of reasoning, we would not only risk mistakenly assess, but also misunderstand the reasoning of others.

Identify the main competing theses. Here, in brief, presents the most famous theses that solve this problem. If, for example, someone asks if our actions are good or bad only in terms of their consequences, it should be said that there are two competing basic theories — conclutialism and deontologism — and what each of them means.

Provide arguments for your opinion. You must carefully present the arguments for the topic you want to protect. There may be several arguments. In this case, you should focus only on two or three that seem most powerful, and reveal them in your own words, trying to show that they are valid and that their premises are true or at least plausible.

Provide basic objections to what has just been protected. You should look for objections that seem stronger to you, and not just choose the weakest and most simple ones to answer. In this part, you must rely on readings that were previously recommended to you. You should also present your objections in your own words, and not just quote the authors you have consulted, because this is the only way to understand what you are writing.

Answer objections. After you have objected to the thesis, you have to say what’s wrong with them or how to answer them.

 Draw your own conclusions. Finally, you should summarize your main argument and express your doubts, if any. Even if you are more inclined to one of the competing answers, do not hesitate to point out your weaknesses. If it seems to him that there is reason not to take any position in the dispute, he, nevertheless, must provide these reasons.

Note that, in conclusion, you should not submit anything that has not been said before. You simply conclude all the work done. Your conclusion should not be too voluminous, but it should contain all the important information in abbreviated form. After that, check your work for spelling or grammatical errors, and if there are any, be sure to correct them.

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